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Bring real estate
into the modern age.

What is REX?

REX is innovating to give consumers a better deal when it comes to one of the most important transactions of their lives. To do so, it is both disrupting an antiquated system and building a better technology-driven alternative.

So Why Join REX?

  1. If REX does its job well, consumers will be grateful because they will have a better experience with one of the most important, confusing and stressful transactions of their lives while saving money to spend on things they care about, rather than fees.
  2. REX offers its staff amazing latitude to learn new skills, solve interesting problems and grow with the company as it expands geographically and adds new businesses. Come work with leaders who have been drawn to REX from companies like Facebook, Google, Lyft and Netflix.
  3. In addition to bringing down costs and reducing hassle for the consumer, REX gives back to society by building homes for low-income families.

Current Openings